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RDL Jr. Classroom Kit

RDL Jr. Classroom Kit


What the Classroom Kit Includes:


Educators Guide

6 programmable Sphero RVR’s 

6 programmable education drones

Game Elements for RDL Jr “Three Ring Circus”

Classroom curriculum, lessons, and challenges

Field surface mats

Spare batteries and chargers

Replacement propellers


Imagine bringing the excitement of RDL Jr into your classroom!


Experience the valuable STEM learning using the same robots and drones used at competition. The RDL Jr classroom pack is easy to set-up and quick to store.


Building Problem-Solving Skills


RDL Jr  challenges students to think critically and solve real-world problems. With the RDL Jr classroom pack and extras kit, students will learn essential computational thinking and problem solving abilities, year round. These skills are not only valuable in STEM-related careers but also in any field that demands creative problem-solving.

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