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The 2023-2024 Scarecrow Challenge includes an exciting Robot Drone League (RDL) game, centered around real-world aspects of agricultural technology. Machine design and collaboration are key to scoring maximum points. 

For this challenge, teams have partnered with BioBuilder, and work to obtain crop samples to fight against an infestation of fungi and insects that have ravaged agricultural crops across the globe. With a growing population, pesticides have become an unacceptable solution to fending off this infestation. BioBuilder has asked teams to utilize their promoters and mobile accelerator to research and develop crop samples that are resistant to disease, fungi, and insects. Drones will be tasked with restoring power lines, mapping the land, taking water samples, and much more. Robots will have many tasks, including crop harvest, solar panel placement, waterline repair, and several other tasks. 

Join Robot Drone League for an exciting new robotics challenge: SCARECROW.

RDL implements Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through the completion of grade-appropriate science and math questions.

The Scarecrow Challenge official trailer is now out on the RDL website and the STREAMWORKS Education Youtube Channel.

2023 RDL - SCARECROW Challenge Guide:

SCARECROW Autonomous Measures Guide:

SCARECROW Judging Rubrics:

SCARECROW Scores and Awards List:


The Field

SCARECROW: Full Release Video

The 2023 Robot Drone League Challenge, SCARECROW, is based around the growing need for technology in agriculture in order to solve many problems centered around food scarcity, drought, genetic modification of organisms, water quality, and much more. 

The full release contains information from partners such as relevant industry experts from BioBuilder, showcases the game teaser and game animation. The video also contains insider information about specific game elements utilized in SCARECROW and explains new updates to the structure of Robot Drone League. 

SCARECROW: Question & Answer

In this livestream, the staff at Robot Drone League collected answers from RDL teams and answered them in a Q&A setting. Also in this video are various demonstrations as a part of a field walkthrough and prop-demo. 

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